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Month: September 2016

Mobile Billboard Rental Service Florida

Are you looking for a mobile billboard rental service in Florida? If so, contact APS Mobile Ads at (800) 263-4516 for more information.

Advantages & Benefits Of Mobile Billboard Advertising

mobile billboards florida

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is what are the advantages or benefits of advertising with a mobile billboard truck and why would advertising on a mobile billboard be better than a stationary billboard?

Below are the 4 top benefits of mobile billboard advertising

1.Target Specific Areas: Perhaps the largest advantage of mobile billboard advertising is the areas you can target. With traditional, stationary billboards, your ad is displayed where the billboard stand exists. With mobile billboard advertising, we can drive our trucks through certain areas at certain times of the day, park at a specific location for a stationary billboard, or a combination of the two. This gives you full control over who sees your billboard and when.

2.Cost Savings: Our billboard trucks offer a significant cost savings over most TV ads, radio ads, and even stationary billboards. In today’s tough economy, businesses need to most efficient and effective way to get their message out, and we’re able to provide that.

 3.Control: It’s much easier to add more billboards, remove billboards, or start and stop a campaign with a mobile billboard truck than a conventional billboard. We strive to provide you with as much control over your campaign as possible to help ensure our clients receive exactly what they’re looking for.

 4.More Noticeable: Let’s face it, we’re constantly plastered with billboards on the highway, ads on TV, and sales pitches on the radio. Billboard trucks are a more unique advertising medium with less noise involved. A billboard truck will catch your audience’s attention much better than many other advertising means.source:

If you would like to effective advertise your business with a mobile billboard in Florida, please contact the mobile billboard rental experts at APS Mobile Ads at (800) 263-4516 for a free consultation.

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Mobile Billboards Las Vegas – APS Mobile Ads

If you are in need of a mobile billboard in Las Vegas, NV, please call APS Mobile Ads at (800) 263-4516 for more information,

Why mobile billboards command your audience’s attention

las vegas mobile billboard

We have a long, rambling list of reasons why we love mobile billboards, and especially our mobile billboards. But you’re looking for hard facts, the evidence that declares, without a doubt, why mobile billboards are an essential medium to any media plan. So we’ve scraped the hearts off of our sleeves to look very objectively at this advertising solution. Here’s a bit of science behind why mobile billboards work.

Moving advertisements are noticed quicker and are more memorable. According to a study by APN using brain scanning technology, an ad that moves has a 45% higher peak exposure than stationary advertisements. “Once there is a higher level of engagement with the brand, we found that this then results in a deeper level of memory encoding,” explains Liz Farquharson, MD. “Memory encoding can increase recall of a brand, and drive greater brand salience.”

Size really does matter. Bigger is better when it comes to advertising. When you’re trying to get noticed, a 10 feet high, 22 feet wide message will not be easily missed. Especially if it’s moving – and at eye level in the street. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that you’ll be stacking the deck in your favor if you opt for a larger-than-life advertisement in a world full of clutter.

Highly targeting your advertisement to the right people in the right place at the right time results in more quality impressions. Because of the move-ability factor, mobile billboards can infiltrate a specific market, can narrow-cast down to a hyper-local level and can offer creative that speaks directly to your precise target audience. With intelligent mapping software, we can identify the most strategic route based not just on location but also demographics. Mobile billboards can also target based on interest. For example, if you want to reach sports fans, a mobile billboard can run during tailgating hours on busy game days. If you want to reach the college-aged crowd, a mobile billboard can target a campus and visit popular student hangouts. Large events, such as festivals, conferences, Comic-Con or the Superbowl are also great ways to target a specific type of audience. So not only will your reach and frequency rates be high, but you’ll be confident that those impressions were by the people you actually care about. It’s like Facebook advertisement segmentation, but real.

Mobile billboards play nice with digital. According to NinthDecimal, pairing an out-of-home advertising campaign with a smartphone campaign can amplify the reach by up to 316%. With beacon technology, a mobile billboard can be noticed by all the right people in the right place at the right time, and it can now also send a contextually relevant, proximity-based message directly to someone’s smartphone via a brand’s own or a third party mobile app that aligns with the campaign’s target audience. Do we really need to go on? source:

Are you looking for a mobile billboard in Las Vegas? If so, contact APS Mobile Ads at (800) 263-4516 for a free consultation.

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