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Month: February 2018

Did Someone Say Parade?

If you are interested in a mobile billboard rental, please contact APS Mobile Ads at (800) 263-4516 for a free estimate.

Parades are a GREAT time to advertise in a BIG way.
Our mobile billboard trailers are 10′ tall and 22′ wide.

St. Patrick’s Day is 1 month away and most major cities hold an annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. Take Philadelphia for instance. This year, Philadelphia’s St. Patrick’s Day parade will be held on March 11, 2018. It’s been a local tradition since 1771. One thing that we know about traditions, is that the longer it’s been around, the more people join in!

Our mobile billboards have an average production timeline of 7 business days, which is plenty of time to call today and schedule a mobile billboard for YOUR local parade. Need it sooner? Just ask! With our platinum package, you can choose to run a 1 day event to bring attention in a BIG way to your company. Or, choose 7+ days to receive our best rate.

All of our mobile billboard trailers have a WOW factor that potential customers are sure to remember. Add a hashtag for extra attention! With your branding on a 10′ tall x 22′ wide trailer, you won’t be missed.

Call the Mobile Billboard Trailer professionals at APS Mobile Ads today at (800) 263-4516 for additional information, or click here to learn more and submit an e-request.

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