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Discounted Daily Rates in December!

If you are interested in a mobile billboard rental, please contact APS Mobile Ads at (800) 263-4516 for a free estimate this holiday season.

During December, many people are on the road doing holiday shopping to find the PERFECT GIFT! We’ve all been there! Target your local shoppers with our platinum mobile billboard, and take advantage of our discounted platinum rates today!

Why choose our platinum mobile billboard campaign?

  1. We handle everything!
  2. Start-to-finish solution
  3. 8-hours/day of targeted drive time
  4. Expect to reach 50,000 to 100,000 quality impressions per day
  5. CPM of less than $4

Call the Mobile Billboard Trailer professionals at APS Mobile Ads today at (800) 263-4516 for additional information, or click here to learn more and submit an e-request.

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