Case Studies

Client ROI is why we do what we do.

You chose out-of-home media because it produces results, and you have specific key performance indicators and metrics to measure effectiveness. These OOH case studies showcase results enjoyed by some of our satisfied customers.


Livingston County United Way


Livingston County United Way's annual "Triple Money Monday" needed a boost in revenue, so in 2014 they commissioned APS to drive brand awareness in the local area, via our U-Tow rental program.  They ran a combined mobile and static operation over a 7 day campaign, and got in front of an estimated 56,200 potential donors, and by the end of Triple Money Monday, raised a record $125,000 in donations.


56,200 impressions / $12 CPM / $125,000 in donations


Rodgers Chevrolet


Rodgers Chevrolet uses APS Media to run a monthly brand awareness campaign around Detroit, using our Platinum PRO package. For each day of mobile advertising, they attribute 1 vehicle sold.


Cost per day $399 / Average revenue per vehicle sold $30,000 / ROI 7,519%


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